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Liquid Penetrant Testing

Liquid penetrant testing is a process used for testing and inspecting various objects for defects or flaws. It is a non-destructive type of testing process, which means that the object is not damaged or destroyed as it is tested. Many manufacturing and industrial facilities rely on liquid penetrant testing to confirm the safety and quality of their products.

During liquid penetrant testing, a dye is applied to the surface of an object. Through a process known as "capillary action," the dye quickly penetrates any flaws or cracks in the object's exterior. After a pre-determined period of time, the object is wiped clean, and all surface dye is removed. A developing powder is applied, which helps to brighten or expose any remaining dye that has settled into surface cracks or voids. The remaining dye indicates the location of any flaws or defects that must be corrected on the object.


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